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Spreading stories of EVS volunteers

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Italian librarian in Lithuania, who was used to work in big Italian libraries now is in Kauno miesto savivaldybÄ—s Vinco Kudirkos viešoji biblioteka (Silainiu filialas). And this is a real story and it is possible due to European Voluntary Service (EVS). Here Mattia is telling his story to the visitors of Birštonas public library. Mattia conducts such kind of meetings quite often, these kind of presentations are for spreading the idea of EVS. "I really like Kaunas and Lithuania, of course it is very strange for me they don't have sun every day, it is very cold and snowy but it is something new for me. And one of the most important things is basketball, also for that reason I have chosen Lithuania, I am trying not to miss any match, even today I have one at 18:00 o'clock", said Mattia.


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Italian librarian always says that he doesn't feel as a volunteer in his working place, he considers himself as a part of a team as he also can share some experience while getting it. After presentation there were many questions about EVS, especially future volunteers were trying to have answers for their "new home". And for that reason there were also workers from National Agency who explained in detail what is volunteering and how to be a part of EVS community.


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