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EVS volunteers' mixed project in the world of books

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    Yesterday afternoon the visitors of Kauno miesto savivaldybÄ—s Vinco Kudirkos viešoji biblioteka (Silainiu filialas) were the children from Bį Kaunas "Atžalyno" care-home. EVS volunteers Natalia and Mattia mixed their projects and invited the children to the world of books.

     “I have to say that here in Kaunas most of the volunteers are like a family to me. So one day I was talking with Mattia and as he works in a bibliotheca and I work with children, we thought it should be a great idea to combine these two volunteer projects”, said Natalia.

   The little visitors spent their afternoon with fairy tales, games and with a lot of surprises (also presents) which were prepared special for them. Volunteers and workers believe it was a positive activity for children. 


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