VŠĮ "Actio Catholica Patria"
Smalininkų g. 9
LT-44295 Kaunas
+370 600 19550


Workers of „Actio Catholica Patria“ believe that young person educating will have a success only if it will involve not only our organization but also the family, School.

A.C. Patria goal is to prepare young person for independent life. To reach it organization uses various methods.

If you are interested in these methods, organization activity or your teenager behavior, ask us, we will answer with pleasure.

If you have any question about your child, it‘s important to know, which centre he/she is attending, therefore, we will target you to responsible person.

We would like to remind that centre do not provide 24/7 telephone line, where you can call, so contact us only on working hours.


We will be waiting for you!