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About us

Youth center “Vartai” is an open space where young people can spend their free time safely (without violence, verbal abuse, alcohol, drugs and etc.), doing things they like (various table games, out-door activities, creative workshops, playing music instruments and etc.), make their ideas come true, discuss the topics they are interested in and if needed receive emotional support. There are two workers in this center regarding social and youth work, also local and international volunteers, and practitioners who know the specifics of relations in youth groups, their individual behavior. They participate in all youth center activities and help youngsters to keep the rules, solve conflicts, react on emerging actual topics.


Open youth center “Vartai” is located on the corner between RotušÄ—s sq. 23 and Jakšto st. 2 in the inside yard basement. It‘s open from Tuesday to Friday from 3 PM till 7 PM.


We can distinguish main directions of Vartai:

- Safe free time activities. We are creating space for young people (without violence or drugs). To assure that we have plenty of table games, books, tea mugs.
- A space for self-realization. Young people can realize ideas that are important for them, organize exhibitions, concerts.
- Individual support. We consult youngsters who are on the verge of difficult teenage-hood situations. With the ones who require personal support we arrange individual meetings.
- Family involvement. We are trying to involve family and close surrounding to the process of development of a young person. Therefore we arrange open afternoons for parents. We are open and ready to answer important questions.


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 Find us on Facebook and  Instagram by name ajcvartai.


How we work

Open work with youth has a ten years tradition in Lithuania. It’s beginning was initiated by the Ministry of Work and Social security (department of youth affairs) according to work experience in foreign youth centers and Lithuanian youth situation analysis.


The main goal was to involve youngster groups which spend their time in (often dangerous) streets and are not interested in after-school activities.


Open work with youth opens the space for the young people where they can come and spend their time without any commitment. Here they can communicate, help each other with their homework, talk about their day and etc.


In “Vartai” we follow these principles:


- We create a dialogue according to the topics that are interesting to young people.
- Communication between workers and youngsters is equivalent, respectful, friendly.
- Youngsters are not being forced to adapt or change and if some difficulties arise, we talk about when there is a relation based on trust.
- Building in which open youth center functions is adapted for young people in respect to their psychological development aspects, their point of view and interests.
- “Vartai” ties to avoid barriers which would prevent youngsters to come to the open youth center (registration, unusual bans, hierarchy, unclarity).

Open work with young people isn’t oriented to pleasing human needs. It has it’s rules, youth center employees create consciousness and responsibility oriented limits.