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"Vartai" savanorių akimis

Nuo 2015m. lapkričio mėnesio "Vartuose" pradėjo savanoriauti du EVS savanoriai - Luca iš Italijos ir Anastasiya iš Ukrainos. Jau visai pasibuvę, apšilę kojas, su jaunuoliais ir atviru jaunimo centru susipažinę, jie dalijasi savo įspūdžiais apie savanorystę "Vartuose": 


Vartai is a part of AC Patria, an open youth center where me (Luca) and my colleague Anastasiya volunteer four times a week.
In this centre young people can spend their free time, implement their ideas and receive social assistance. The idea that everybody can feel their selves equal, safe, free and accepted.

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During the opened evenings young people come to chat, have a cup of tee or to play board games and also we have language lessons, workshops, cinema screenings and concerts, parties, meetings and so on.

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In Vartai we have also a music room where it's possible to play some instruments like guitar, bass, drums and piano. Usually, every two days a week come a musical band called "Halterus" assembled by 4 guys, where they play and rehearse some pieces.

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Sometimes we have external events such as Christmas charity fair, where we participated last December in Vilnius. There we had presented Patria and Vartai all together with youngsters, realized hand made crafts, were sharing food, giving free hugs and presents and had a chance to meet the president and tell her about our work.

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Main aspect of the volunteering goal is communication and creating a trust based relationships with youngsters. Our role has two aspects: the assistance in activities, which come from the social workers and youngsters and implementing our own ideas. It is kinda new experience for us, before we haven't meet such a nice place for young people and now our main task is to integrate ourselves in a best way, to fulfill time spending there with interesting and valuable activities. What is the main challenge is to find a way to interest youngsters in them. 
We are glad to be part of this work and this team, that we can share our knowledge, creativity and to learn a lot of new things as well. So it is a great way of exchange, caring and sharing.