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Tilmanukas in Vartai

Tilmanukas in Vartai


Here comes a little bit about me, Tilman, in the Youth Centre Vartai, in Kaunas, Lithuania.

My decision to quit my life as a student and a halftime waiter in Vokietija came quickly.

Out of the blue sky there was the chance to do my practice semester for my Social Work Studies at Patria in Kaunas, Lithuania!

I read about the work, the workers, the activities and the town. The possibility to practice my future profession in another country was a kind of a challenging idea for me. During one day I was convinced that leaving my Vokietija and city of Dresden for 5 month is the best I could do. I had the feeling it was the right moment for trying something new…

“Am I able to leave my family and good friends behind me for almost half a year and go for it completely alone?” asked my brain.

“Lets find out!” answered my heart.

My face started to smile and the decision was made!

I dropped my university folders, threw the waiters-wallet in the corner and started to search for my passport, announced my room for rent and called my mother to say: “don’t worry, it will be all fine.”

And now I am already here for 4 month. The time passed in an unbelieveable speed! In the beginning I was a stranger, no one knew me and I didn’t know any one of you.

But then little by little and day after day I got used to places and faces. My phone contact list grew, I learned some first words and discovered the town.

I think the most of you know me from the hours and days I spend staying in Vartai. This is where you can usually find me at the Football-Table,

trying to teach you how to play :)  trying to win against you and sadly also loose sometimes against the skilled and famous masters of that sport. Shaschlikas!!!

But because I know that a life cannot just be playing all the time, I went often with you to the IKI to buy some food. I always enjoy preparing a meal with others.

Also eating afterwards together and listen to Martins “Vartai News from Space” or watch a movie was a lot fun for me.

Still that is not all I have done in my time at Vartai. I tried my first workshops with you.

It has been creative, useful, musical and colorful experiences to do that with you! I remember when the snow went back to spend its summer at the arctic and we could finally start to play football till ball explode! And besides all those activities I got to know you and you got to know me. I had interesting and funny conversations with most of you.

Now there is only one and a half week left for me in Vartai.

The last week of this month I will discover a little bit your country with some friends of mine and come back to Kaunas on the 30 July to leave on the 1st August.

I will think a lot about my time here in Kaunas. It was so nice to be with you, to learn new things and rethink old things.

It was a good experience working in such a nice team, where I could try to find some place to realize my own ideas, to get feedback for bad ideas and work together during the 5 months on all what happened around Vartai.

I wish all of you the best with your next steps in your lives, with your families, friends with work and studies in Lithuania or in another country!


Aciu Labai for everything, Tilmanukas Eggertas!