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Teatro užsiėmimai "Vartuose"

Nuo šiol jaunimo centre "Vartai" trečiadieniais vyks teatro užsiėmimai, kuriuos ves savanorė Delia iš Rumunijos. Ši veikla yra nauja, todėl jau pusę metų savanoriaujantis Alessandro iš Italijos pakalbino Delią ir paprašė papasakoti daugiau apie savo veiklą.

Delia and the theatre as an educational instrument
"... theatre is more than you can see on the stage, what is more important is the work made before the stage..."

theare.jpg (293x302)European Voluntary Service in Lithuania is very popular compared to other countries like Italy or Spain, but it's never too much...
Delia, with other volunteers from other parts of Europe, is taking part in a EVS project working with children in Palemonas (Coordinated by A.C. Patria from Kaunas), while other volunteers are working in different projects (Old people, disables, teenagers). She choose to work with children because her idea of volunteering it's connected mostly with children and art activities, especially theatre. She started to have contact with theatre in high school attending a specialized art class and then at University, graduating as a stage director. It's difficult for her to say that romanian theatre is different from the lithuanian one because it belongs from the same Russian and French school, specially if we are speaking about "movement theatre", without words and then universal. She is starting to work with "movement theatre" in her project and children are really interested even if sometimes she has some difficulties connected with the lithuanian language. In Kaunas she is attending in a lot of plays, but the most interesting are made by "Teatralnas" (theatre group of amateurs) working at the "Cultural House of Kaunas".

In Youth Centre Vartai she will start proposing some workshops about theatre in general, if she will understand that youngsters will be interested she will propose some plays based on movement.

Theatre will start in Youth Centre Vartai on 6th of April and will go on every Wednesday after 5.

Alessandro Giardina (EVS Volunteer)