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Germans evening in Vartai

German/Austria evening in Vartai.


On February 14th in Open youth center “Vartai” was organized Germans evening. "Vartai" was visited by young people from Germany and Austria who are EVS volunteers in various organizations in Kaunas. The objective was to familiarize youngsters of Vartai with the German and Austrian culture and traditions. Throughout the day, Vartai held a variety of activities related to Germany.

First of all young people were introduced to traditional German dishes, preparing together the German pasta and Kaiserschmarren and Apfelmus (Austrian pancakes and apple jam).

Our guests had prepared a table game, simultaneously allowing to learn a few words in German as well as to train the memory. They also presented their country by showing some videos, which allowed to get acquainted with nature and culture and find out what the Germans themselves think of their country, what is typical for Germany and what is its symbols.

Also young Germans had prepared some songs with guitar accompaniment, and Vartai yougsters had the opportunity to try to sing in German, which is actually not very easy.
Day ended with a traditional, but very fun game. The challenge is without using your hands as soon as possible to eat traditional German pretzels (Die Brezel), which is in a string hanged to the ceiling.

And above all day long youngsters had the chance to meet, to play games together or just talk to people from other countries and cultures. And in the end, differences are not that significant.

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