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EVS Volunteers' initiatives at Radviliškio Lizdeikos gymnasium

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The 28th of November for some classes of Radviliškio Lizdeikos gymnasium was quite different. Language class was conducted not by the lecturer but by the EVS volunteers from Kaunas. European International Service volunteers and trainee of A.C. „Patria“ went to Radviliškio Lizdeikos to share their experience and ideas with students. Volunteers were given the opportunity to conduct  lessons introducing their culture and language. They also shared their experiences, funny stories about their time and volunteering in a small, country which became their home for a while - Lithuania. One of the goals of this trip was  “cultural exchanges”, so the school day was also crowned by a Lithuanian dance lesson organized by gymnasium dance teacher and students.  By the way students also had the chance to know about the A.C. Patria organization and its activities, as well as to realize better the idea of volunteering.


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