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EVS Europe Day - crazy "Get Cultureful"!

European Voluntary Service coloured Europe Day with energy, dances and craziness!


9th May volunteers gathered huge international and local community to celebrate cultural diversity in Europe - colorful fiesta brought everyone to meet, play, check the knowledge about European countries, chat in the picnic, and have wonderful time together! Volunteers state - get to know the people to break the stereotypes, there's one language - and not necessarily English :) - human language. We only need willingness to seek for dialogue. 


Event organized by A.C.Patria EVS volunteers in the project "Volunteering - little steps towards change" in Lithuania, Kaunas.


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European Voluntary Service projects are financed by Lithuanian Agency of International Youth Cooperation

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Organized by Actio Catholica Patria EVS volunteers with the help of local volunteers ;)

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Sound ministers:

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