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A.C. Patria is looking for Belgian volunteer!

Our team is looking for Belgian volunteer for long term EVS project at A.C.Patria 


Project dates:01/09/2015-01/09/2016

Place: Kaunas, Lithuania

Target groups: youth at risk and young volunteers!

2 volunteers in the organization (from Belgium and Spain).

Application deadline: 30th June 2015 to

Sending organization: JOETZ - Brussels, contact:

Youth centre "Vartai" suggests open evenings on Tuesdays - Fridays from 15 till 19 hours. Target group Youngsters coming to the centre are 14-21 years old. Youth centre is located in the background and basement which fits to youth activities and is loved because of its unusual environment. Through the activities of youth centre we try to provide young people a safe space, where they can spend their leisure time with less risk of violence, drug abuse or harassment, having a place to use their energy in a creative and conscious direction. Such like table games, musicians, Flea markets, language clubs, movie screenings and etc. Youngster sometimes also has concerts or workshops, but sometimes young people just come over to have a tea and chat. Everyday there appear up to 20-30 youngsters. Many of them experience various struggles related to adolescence, some come from social risk environment, thus having troubles with aggressive or destructive behaviour, mistrust of adults, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.


Another part is volunteering in volunteers’ centre (its still the same organization! ;) Main tasks may vary upon volunteers’ desire, but we expect help in:


  • Presenting EVS and volunteering in general at schools, universities or other youth gathering places;

  • Spreading the posters or leaflets about EVS and volunteering in Kaunas; Also information update in the websites that we coordinate and also publishing in other webs;

  • Helping to prepare monthly newsletter and posting it in the internet;

  • Helping the new EVS leavers to prepare for their EVS, etc.

  • PATRIA EVS volunteers blog! Volunteers would write impressions about their EVS and other volunteers‘experiences and we spread it to other organizations. 

  • December 5th, Europe day, dissemination of Project results activities, promotion of volunteering at local society.



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- We see that it is very important to offer the volunteer an intensive, available and regular accompaniment. We understand this concept as a regular meeting for the reflection, where both, the tutor and the volunteer can evaluate the working process. Tutor has been working with the EVS volunteers for few years already, so she gained different experiences in the process of changing cultures and living environment. 

- We can offer friendly and open minded team of young people. As a necessary condition for a productive work we see motivating and fair work atmosphere. 

- A possibility to learn the language. The workers of the youth centre can easily communicate in English, Italian or Russian, that may be useful for the volunteer in the beginning. Later on we expect that the volunteer will improve skills of Lithuanian language. We are ready to accompany and support this process. 

- Apart from the language the volunteer will gain team skills, skills in planning, organizing different events, evaluation, leading and certain skills from different workshops. 

- We can offer both ways of working: individual and with accompaniment of workers. Working individually can be a challenging experience. As well the volunteer will have space to initiate his or her own ideas, as the activities in the youth centre are not strongly restricted. 

- If the volunteer is interested in the cultural differences, he or she will have an opportunity to experience and see the reality of the youth situation in Lithuania: topics, values, interests and much more.


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It is very important that the volunteer would be interested in open youth work and responsibly take his/her role, initiative is very welcome. Some youngsters might be the same age as the volunteer, thus it requires extra self-consciousness of the volunteer. Also it would be very very helpful if volunteer would play well any music instrument or would be skilled in music recording (we have all necessary equipment). For work at volunteer centre time management, self-organization and responsibility is very important, even though tasks are regularly supervised, but it takes a lot of independence to accomplish them.

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Please send your CV and short motivation letter to until 30th June, we'll give you more details about the project and arrange Skype interview. Thank you and we are trully looking forward to get to know you! :) 



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