VŠĮ "Actio Catholica Patria"
Smalininkų g. 9
LT-44295 Kaunas
+370 600 19550

About us

NGO "Actio Catholica Patria" - one of the first organizations that has been actively working  with youth affairs in Lithuania  since 1991 and offers social and cultural services for young people .

The main purpose of the organization is to prepare young persons for an independent life. By independence we mean a status where a person is able to take care of themselves, their surrounding environment and people, who are in their surrounding environment, and are happy as an individual as well as a member of the community.

Often young people are experiencing the tension because of not being able to adjust to the society, what determines the individual autonomy and initiative level of young people. Not everyone is able to overcome life’s challenges; some of them need help when socializing. For these reasons, in different centers of A.C. Patria there are attracting and helping activities to change for young people of different interests and biographies.

For various youth groups, organization uses different forms of work, to justify the needs of different ages and social groups.
Qualified staff is constantly improving to ensure the quality of work and to find patterns that match the changes in society.

Specifically on the activities and methods, see the descriptions of centers:

Volunteer Centre
Youth empowerment center "Otherwise”
Open youth center “Gates”
Method Center